I cut ribbons as I complete projects: Dikshit to Modi

Retorting to Narendra Modi’s barb calling her a ribbon-cutting Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit on Monday said ribbons are cut when projects are finished and that the remarks by BJP’s PM candidate had only exposed his ignorance about the city’s administrative structure.

“It is lack of knowledge on Modi’s part. He should know that ribbons are cut after a project is completed. It is part of the tradition of the country,” Dikshit, eyeing an unprecedented fourth victory in the November assembly polls, said while ruling out that the Modi-factor will impact Congress’ prospects.

In his rally here yesterday, Modi had launched a blistering attack on Dikshit, accusing her of shirking her responsibilities by passing the buck “up or down” and doing nothing to address problems of the city.

“The Prime Ministerial candidate of BJP did not have any idea about administrative structure in the capital. That is why he made those comments,” Dikshit told a news agency.

Modi had raised the issue of December 16 gangrape incident as well as corruption in hosting of the Commonwealth Games in the capital in 2010 and ridiculed Dikshit saying, “Sometimes I think if there is any happiest Chief Minister in our country, then it is the Delhi Chief Minister.

“Morning to evening, she has no work to do except for cutting ribbons,” he said.

Asked whether Modi will have any impact on voters in the city, Dikshit retorted saying, “He is not standing in the polls as a Chief Minister.”

“We will know whether he will have any impact or not only after assembly poll results are out. I think if BJP does well it will because of Delhi BJP not because of him,” Dikshit said.

She also hit back at Modi for his remark that Delhi has been reeling under severe power shortage and that even the Prime Minister and President’s have generators at their residences.

“The person who aspires to be become Prime Minister of the country does not know that Delhi gets 24X7 power supply. We even have stand-by arrangements for VVIPs. We provide power at the cheapest rate,” the Chief Minister said.

The Gujarat Chief Minister had also came down hard on Dikshit for alleged corruption in Commonwealth Games and said India lost the opportunity to project the country at the international level because of various CWG scams.

“The corruption relating to the Games cannot be seen in terms of financial irregularities. The Commonwealth Games scam has robbed India of its sportsman spirit. Such games are a vehicle of branding the country in the world. But we could not do it because of mismanagement,” Modi said.