Muslims will lose faith in AIMPLB, if Mufti Arshad Qasmi is not removed

New Delhi: Zafar Sareshwala said that Maulana Eijaz Arshad Quraishi lost the opportunity to show the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) regarding manners and behaviour. He should have shown patience and set an example before the world when Farah Faiz slapped him. Sareshwala told this while speaking to media persons.

Noted social activist Shahnawaz Qasmi condemned Farah Faiz’s physical scuffle with Maulana Eijaz Arshad Qasmi. He said there are no two opinions that the woman first slapped Maulana but unfortunately no action was taken against her while the Maulana was sent to jail. He also slammed Maulana saying that the later slapped a woman and put AIMPB to shame.

Maulana Shahid Badar Qasmi said if Mufti Eijaz Qasmi is not removed from the Board Muslims will lose faith in the Board. He alleged that Maulana Eijaz Qasmi has always worked for various political parties during elections. He worked for BJP and JDU candidate during the recent by-election in Jokihat. He alleged that Maulana Qasmi is always in touch with BJP leaders.

Editor Millat times and noted writer Maulana Shams Tabrez Qasmi lamented over the dual standard of justice that was witnessed in the case. He said the woman who attacked was spared, while the mufti who defended himself was jailed.