Why only Muslims break out of jail and not Hindus? Wonders Digvijaya Singh

New Delhi: Congress General Secretary and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijaya Singh suspected a larger ‘conspiracy’ behind the Bhopal encounter.

Questioning the authenticity of the encounter video after 8 SIMI members escaped from a high-security prison in Bhopal, former Madhya Pradesh chief minister wondered “why only Muslims break out of prison and not Hindus.”

“I was the first Chief Minister to put ban on the SIMI. Rajnath Singh was then the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh…he did not put the ban. Other controvertist Hindu organisations like the Bajrang Dal along with the SIMI used to ensure that riots take place. I had proofs and based on that the NDA put the ban on SIMI,” he told ANI in an exclusive conversation.

“I don’t have love either for SIMI or Bajrang Dal. I am against all those who create ruckus and play politics in the name of religion. Owaisi ji is also included in that,” the former Madhya Pradesh CM said.

“Some SIMI terrorists escaped from jail in Khandwa in 2013. In 2014, the Madhya Pradesh Chief Secretary was informed that they may attempt to run away from the jail. On October 31, 2016, eight SIMI terrorists ran away from jail. Now, what is the reason that only Muslims break out of jail and not Hindus,” he added.

He demanded a judicial probe into the issue.