Muslims banned in University of Hyderabad, security officials defend ban

Hyderabad: The entry of Muslims has been banned on the campus of University of Hyderabad. It was revealed when a student of HCU, Zunaira recorded her complaint with the registrar of the university.

When Chief Security Officer, Mr. T.V. Rao contacted, he confirmed it and said that a decision has been taken to ban the entry of the Muslims on the campus of the university. He gave the reason that there was a news that the students wanted to convene a meeting against the statement made by US President, Donald Trump. However, no permission has been given for such a meeting.


A student of MANUU arrived at HCU campus to deliver medicines to one of his companions but he was not allowed to enter the campus. He showed his identity card and said that he is a student but he was refused entry. The security officer of the campus told that large number of Muslims are visiting the university. They may create problem. It was therefore decided not to allow any Muslims on campus.

–Siasat News