Muslim clerics hold meeting for polygamy and triple talaq

Hyderabad: The affidavit filed by Govt. of India created an anxiety among the Muslim circles. Meetings were held in different places in Hyderabad City and it was declared that the implementation of Uniform Civil Code is interference in Muslim Personal Law. It was felt that there is a need for a massive protest against such attempts. The political leaders are keeping mum after filing affidavit by Central Govt. Most of the speakers of these meetings expressed their concern and decided to make a representation of PM of India. It was also felt that if such attempts are not stopped, the situation might get still worse.


Muslims of districts of Telangana State are also worried and they are not able to comprehend why the Muslim leadership is mum on such crucial issue. It is hoped that after Ashura, mass scale movement would be started and campaigns against the implementation of Uniform Civil Code would be launched in every nook and corner of the State.


–Siasat News