Hijab challenge offered to non-Muslim students by California Students’ Organization

Fresno City (California): An organization of the student at Fresno State in California, held a function on Wednesday to host Hijab Challenge to non-Muslim students to get a feel of wearing a headscarf.

Muslim girls distributed scarves free and wrapped them for non-Muslim students. They also presented caps for men.

According to the news published in Ummid, the challenge included taking a photo and posting it on social media with the hashtag #FSHijabChallenge, wearing the headscarf for the rest of the day and reporting back about the experience. The next day a lecture was held on “Anti-Muslim, Anti-Arab Discrimination, and Civil Rights” from 6 to 8 p.m. at Alice Peters Auditorium.

Students told that the purpose of this event to tell the people about the significance of wearing Hijab.

They hoped that Muslim women won’t be looked down upon for wearing Hijab or termed as terrorists.

The Hijab Challenge was organized in colleges throughout the country. Some Fresno State professors offered extra credit for students who participated in the event.