Musharraf fears arrest on returning to Pak

Islamabad: Pakistan’s former president General Pervez Musharraf said that he is giving a second thought to his plan of returning to the country from the United Arab Emirates.

“The apex court order barring the authorities from arresting me till my appearance before the august court has forced me to rethink my plans about return,” The Dawn quoted him, as saying.

He further said that though he is not a “coward”, he does not want the police to arrest him after he appears before the court.

“There will be no benefit of my return to the country if I am arrested just after my appearance before the court,” he said.

Musharraf, who has corruption charges levied against him, said in a National Accountability Bureau probe that he was living in a three-bedroom apartment and would fully cooperate with the bureau if an investigation is carried out.

Meanwhile, All Pakistan Muslim League president Dr Muhammad Amjad said that Musharraf, the association’s president, was willing to return to the country, but the Supreme Court had given him insufficient time to arrange for his travel, accommodation, and security.

He alleged that the caretaker government, presided by Nasir Ul Mulk, had blocked Musharraf’s National Identity Card, which is essential for citizens of Pakistan to travel across the international border.

The National Accountability Bureau had levied charges against Musharraf for misusing his authority as President and illegally allotting multiple expensive plots to his favourite officers, worth about Rs1000 billion.