Mumbai: Shocking footage show of 2-year-old girl abducted in daylight

MUMBAI: The abduction of a little girl, playing outside a shop in Mumbai’s Saki Naka area on Friday, was captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV).

In the footage, the 2.5-year-old Shireen Fatima is seen stepping out of the shop. A man – dressed in dark shirt and trousers – stumbles with the child and lifts her up casually. The abductor then walks away with the girl in his arms.

After the child disappeared from sight, the family immediately contacted authorities.”Fatima was playing outside, but when we came outside to call her she was not there,” said the father of the child.

The police started an immediate investigation and checked the CCTV cameras installed in the area.Based on CCTV footage, authorities then arrested the kidnapper within six hours of the incident.

The kidnapper was later identified as 28-year-old Sandeep Parab. The motive behind the kidnapping is still not known.

With ANI inputs