RSS leader presents 5-point formula for out-of-court settlement of Babri-masjid

Lucknow: RSS leader Indresh Kumar has presented a 5-point formula for out-of-court settlement of Babri-masjid-Ramjanambhoomi dispute.
1. Only Ram Mandir will be constructed in Ayodhya. Babri Masjid was never there if at all it was constructed it was done by demolishing a temple which is a crime.
2. If Muslims want a masjid it can only be constructed outside Ayodhya and Faizabad.
3. No place of worship can be constructed in the name of Baber. If Muslims want to build a place of worship it should be constructed in the name of God.
4. Hindus and Muslims should work together for construction of Ram Mandir.
5. If Muslims want masjid, it should be on the basis of peace and brotherhood.
Indresh Kumar said the geologist report made it clear that no signs of masjid were found at the disputed site hence Muslims should withdraw their claim. He further claimed that the ownership claim made by Muslim parties on the land is on the basis of fake documents.

Regarding Muslim Personal Law Board, Indresh said that the board is not Islamic organisation, there is no such organisation in any Muslim country. The RSS leader said the Board has done nothing good for Islam, Muslims or India, hence its importance is gradually declining.