Mumbai: 2.8 crore worth Heroin seized from drug peddlers

Mumbai: Two persons from Sion have been placed under arrest after anti-narcotics cell (ANC) of the Mumbai crime branch seized nearly 3kgs of heroin worth Rs. 2.8 core from them on Tuesday.

The two accused Gautam Singh Omkarsingh, 55, and Bunty Ali Qudarat Ali, 23, hail from Rajasthan. They revealed during the interrogation that they have been working for a drug kingpin in Rajasthan and delivered the drugs to suppliers in Mumbai.

The ANC Worli Unit headed by Inspector Ninad Sawant received a tip-off of the two persons and nabbed them from Chidambaram Road in Sion.

The Police seized around 1.40kg heroin each from the two accused. The seized drug was of high quality said the Police.

The accused Omkar is reported to be in the drug business for 15 years. The Police said he frequently traveled from Gujarat to Mumbai via road and received Rs 1 Lakh for each trip he made.

A police official said, “He arrived in Mumbai three weeks ago. We had been keeping an eye on him since then”.

The official added it appears that Omkar has encouraged the second accused Ali to join the drug business in order to earn easy money. “This was Ali’s second trip to Mumbai,” said the official.

He further said, “We have been checking criminal records of the main dealer in Rajasthan. We are also trying to find out if he has links to drug suppliers abroad who are giving him the high-quality heroin, or whether someone is producing the drug in India”.

The Police has produced the two accused before the Magistrate on Wednesday. They will remain in Police custody until 9 November.