Movie ‘Ram Ki Janmabhoomi’: Waseem Rizvi incurs huge loss

Mumbai: In an attempt to please RSS and Fascist elements and also to protect the chairmanship of Shia Wakf Board, its chairman, Mr. Waseem Rizvi produced a film by spending Rs. 35 lakh and invested 1.2 crore for its publicity.

However, his film ‘Ram ki Janambhoomi’ could not be screened in various theaters in the country.

It may be mentioned that Mr. Rizvi got this movie dubbed in the studio of Trilok Chand Kothari who in turn introduced a person by name Rajesh Singh in Andheri, Mumbai.

Rajesh assured Rizvi that he would arrange the screening of this movie in 500 theaters for which he was given 1.2 crore towards the promotion charges.

Mr. Rizvi had told earlier that he got this film produced with a budget of Rs. 35 lakh. He had claimed in the film that Ram Janam Bhoomi belongs to the Hindu.

In addition to Ram Temple, other issues like Halala etc were also included in the movie but the film was below standard from the point of view of content and acting.

The theater owners refused to screen this film. In this manner, Mr. Rizvi incurred huge loss. Mr. Rizvi filed a petition in the crime branch of Mumbai Police against Kothari and Rajesh Singh that they did not fulfill the promise of screening the movie in the theaters.