Former IGP’s new book exposes activities of Saffron outfits

Former IGP’s new book exposes activities of Saffron outfits

New Delhi: Former IG of Maharashtra Police, Mr. S.A. Mushrif in his new book, “Brahminists bombed, Muslims hanged” exposed the activities of Saffroon clad terrorists in connivance with Intelligence Agencies.

According to a press release issued by Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan, Chairman, Minorities Commission, New Delhi, organizations like RSS, Abhimanyu Bharat, Bajrang Dal and Vande Mataram organized terrorist activities but Intelligence Bureau, NIA, ATS deliberately destroyed the proof and implicated innocent Muslims in fake cases. The propaganda of the media and the government pleaders also succeeded in deceiving the judges.

It may be mentioned that earlier, Mr. Mushrif had written books under the titles, “Who killed Karkare?” and “26/11 Probe: Why judiciary also failed?” in which he exposed the terrorist activities of the Saffron outfits.

Despite presenting facts in these books, government is tightlipped. Mr. Mushrif in his new book, demanded the government to constitute a high power judicial committee to probe into all these cases independently. Those who were involved in terrorist activities are roaming about freely whereas the innocent Muslims are still in prisons. Even after the lapse of 20 years, they are not able to get bail.

In his new book, Mr. Mushrif has depicted that Saffron terrorists conducted explosions since 2002 in order to blame the Muslims and made a false propaganda through media agencies and their friends that these terrorist activities were the reactions of Babri Masjid Demolition and Gujarat Communal Riots of 2002.

In his book, Mr. Mushrif also alleged that the real culprit is Intelligence Bureau which is famous for its anti-Muslim agenda.

Exposing the bomb explosions conducted in 2006 in Mumbai local trains, German Bakery, Aurangabad Arms Seizure Case, Bomb Explosion at Dilsukhnagar, Makkah Masjid Bomb Blast Case, Mohammedia Masjid Bomb explosion case etc, Mr. Mushrif has exposed the terrorists.

It may be mentioned that this book has been published by noted publication bureau, “Pharos Media”, New Delhi of Dr. Zafarul Islam Khan. The translations of this book in Urdu and Hindi will be available soon. Pharos Media is getting ready to produce a documentary study in English in which 300 incident of mob lynching will be presented with documentary evidences.