Mother’s Recipe pioneers packaging innovation for cooking paste category; introduces the Ginger Garlic Tub

New Delhi [India]: The demand for convenient and innovative packaging has become integral for any new product launch. Keeping consumer satisfaction and convenience as the aim, Mother’s Recipe recently launched their Ginger Garlic Paste in an innovative 300 gram tub pack.

Currently, Ginger Garlic pastes are available in standee pouch, spout standee pouch, glass bottle, plastic bottle, tube packaging and pillow pouch.

Mother’s Recipe is the first brand to introduce this innovative packaging which will offer ultimate convenience, zero wastage, easy storage and authentic taste to consumers.

Sanjana Desai, Head – Business Development, Mother’s Recipe and ELMAC brand, said, “A key principle for modern product packaging is that the easier it is to use a product, the more likely it will be accepted by consumers. The demands of the FMCG segment are evolving every- day and consumers are seeking convenience and better packaged products. As a result, we need to continuously innovate in line with the growing consumer expectations while providing our customers with only the best quality and tastiest of products. Our new Ginger Garlic Tub is in line with our aim to liberate our consumers, help them save time and provide convenience while maintaining traditional taste.”

“We have always given utmost priority to consumer convenience and product quality while developing new products. The spout packs had added some convenience in the category, However, retaining the authentic taste of the paste and reducing wastage was a challenge. The new product packaging addresses these issues providing authentic taste without any preservatives (NO sodium benzoate {chemical preservative}) and absolutely zero wastage, as consumer can scoop it out as per their requirement and store it easily.” Sanjana added.

An essential ingredient in Indian cuisines, the cooking-paste market is estimated at Rs 150 crore and is growing at 30 per cent. Mother’s Recipe products are category leaders in most of the categories and market shares vary from 25 percent to 40 percent. In the cooking paste segment, Mother’s Recipe is one of the leading players commanding a market share of 18 percent based on Euromonitor estimates. With the launch of this new packaging, we expect to grow our market share to at least 22 percent in the first six months.

The product is available in 300 gm for Rs.59 across all hypermarkets, local stores and Mother’s Recipe exclusive outlets and e-store ( along with all the leading e-grocery platforms

Recent studies also show that packaging plays almost three times a bigger role in influencing customer satisfaction and repeat purchases in developing markets such as India compared to the US and Japan. While 71 per cent consumers in India say packaging is important to their overall product satisfaction, 24 per cent consumers in the US feel the same way.

The food processing industry has huge potential. The industry is growing at a CAGR of 25 percent especially in the convenience food category. Indian household’s income is set to grow 3 times in this decade, and the potential for packaged food is expected to grow as income rises. Urbanization has seen a big switch from unbranded to branded products which also aid the growth of packaged food sector. Working population is constantly increasing with 63.5 mn new entrants between 2011 and 2016. The demand from Double Income no kids’ households helps us provide traditional food to time-challenged moms without compromising on the love that she pours into making food for her family. (ANI)