More “Basthi Dawakhanas” for poor: Talasani

Animal Husbandry Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav today said that the government is committed to provide better health facilities to local people through newly set up “Basthi Dawakhanas”. He held a meeting with officials at Secretariat and reviewed on the new local hospitals to be at forefront of the people. Srinivas Yadav asked to create awareness among people on the “Basthi Dawakhanas” and ensure timely health services at primary stage. These hospitals will have all facilities of drugs, treatment with adequate staff he said.

The minister said that more such hospitals will be set up at some areas in his Sanathnagar constituency including Sambamurty Nagar in Monda Market division, Takara Basthi, Hyder Basti and Vengalrao nagar and Durge Temple area in Ramgopal Pet division, Patigadda, Old custom basthi in Patigadda colony, Uppalamma temple, IDH Colony in Bansilalpet division and Kummari basti, BJR Nagar, in Ameerpet division, Allauddin Koti, Udaya Bharati nagar in Sanathnagar division. (NSS)