Modi recalls life as tea seller in his Assam visit

Moran(Assam): Prime Minister Narendra Modi recalled his life when he sold tea as he addressed a BJP rally here today in upper Assam, known for producing the beverage.

“It is because of your (Assam) tea (that) I had earned my livelihood as a tea seller in my youth,” he said and spoke of the special identity of Assam globally as a tea producer.

“This (the special identity) is due to the hard work and efforts of my tea friends … The smell of the soil here and you and your forefathers’ hard work has made Assam’s tea world famous,” Modi said.

Referring to the state, which goes to the polls in the coming months from now, the prime minister said many governments came but none listened to the poor. “This I have to change. Assam needs a government which listens to the poor and the workers … A government that will bring in changes to the peoples’ life.”

He urged the people to give BJP a chance and promised to bring in development if the party is voted to power. “You have tested all governments. Give BJP a chance to save you, to make Assam number one in the country … All developmental programmes will be implemented when we form government here.”

“Governments led by opposition parties talk sweetly when they meet us in Delhi but criticise us before the media when they come out. Delhi and the states have to work together and not bring politics in … We want to take Assam on the new path of development by making new laws benefiting the poor and the workers,” he said.

Infrastructure development needed be brought to Assam and the north east, education and health facilities improved to usher in change and progress.

Youth are the future of the country said yojanas have been introduced for them to set up enterprises here, travel to the rest of the country and sell their products abroad, he added.