Modi raised ED nine times, say Jaipal Reddy

Congress senior leader S Jaipal Reddy has alleged that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi increased the Excise Duty nine times after he assuming high office.

Speaking to the media here on Monday at Gandhi Bhavan, Jaipal Reddy has said the tax rate was Rs.1.30 lakh crore during Congress party regime but the Modi government increased it up to Rs.2.70 lakh crore. He said barrel crude oil rate was 120 dollars and now it was decreased up to 75 dollars. He asked the Modi government to tell as to how he increased the petrol and diesel prices when the crude oil price was less. He said that Modi has the habit of getting rogue pleasure.

He said that the centre was getting Rs.3.70 lakh crore from Petrol, Diesel and Gas subsidies. He slammed that the Modi government was waging movement against the middle class people. He said that the state governments were not opposing the price hike petrol and diesel because they will get more revenue. Stating that one crore vehicles were there in Telangana state, Jaipal Reddy condemned saying that the state and central governments utilising the international crisis to their benefit. He demanded the central government to reduce the excise tax immediately.

Targeting the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Jaipal Reddy said that the High Court dismissed the state government’s act. He wondered saying that the state government was not implementing the High Court verdict and was not approaching the Supreme Court on the same. KCR knew very well that his act of expelling the Congress MLAs was against the constitution and hence he was not approaching the Court. The Congress party faced injustice constitutionally and never happened such things in the last 70 years. “I am getting doubt while seeing all these developments whether there is constitution or not”, he said. (NSS)