Modi, KCR cheating people with false promises: Sibal

Alleging that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao was giving false assurances to the people like Prime Minister Narendra Modi, former Union minister Kapil Sibal today said while Modi forgot his assurance that he would extend minimum support price to farmers, in Telangana, the farmers were committing suicides. “Modi and KCR are similar personalities in giving fake assurances and deceiving people by not fulfilling their assurances”, he said.

Speaking to the media here on Friday at Gandhi Bhavan, Sibal said both Modi and KCR were not doing anything to the people. Modi assured people that he would give one crore jobs to the unemployed youth but not given anything, in the same manner Telangana CM KCR assured the unemployed youth that he will give one lakh jobs every year but in practice nothing has been done, he pointed out.

“It is easy to give assurances to the people during elections; but it is not possible to implement the same. KCR makes statements but does nothing”, he alleged. “Where have gone two bed room houses and where has gone the distribution of three acre land to every landless dalit?”, he questioned. KCR assured 12 percent reservations to Muslims but the Supreme Court made it clear that reservations should not exceed 50 percent. But KCR was saying that he would implement the reservations through 9thschedule by sending the BC, SC, ST and Muslim Reservations Bill to the President. “How it is possible as BJP was opposing the Muslim reservations?”, he asked.

Reminding the negligible vote percentage in Kashmir recently, Sibal said the people were not interested in the alliance between the BJP with PDP and the people have lost faith on the BJP government. “Not a single section was happy during the BJP regime”, he lamented and said the banks were not in a position to give loans to the people. “Inflation and poverty increased in the nation”, he said and asked Modi, who was stating that changes were taking place in the nation, to tell as to what changes were taking place in the nation. The condition of economic weakened and there were no investments in private sectors, he claimed.

Describing Modi’s Hinduism as fake Hinduism, Sibal stated that the real Hindu would believe in Truth, non-violence but Modi believed in violence. He asked Modi to tell which scripture has taught as Modi was deciding the menu for the people as to what to eat and what not. The Modi government has forgotten the assurance of giving 50 percent additionally to the investment invested by the farmers. Why the Modi government was not stopping the attacks on SC, ST and Minorities across the nation, he asked and alleged that the prices of essential commodities were sky rocketing now whereas the then Congress government controlled the prices.

Modi was dividing the Hindu people and wished the party leaders to launch the movement from Telangana to face Modi brand Hinduthwa. “We will start the fight from Telangana State. The people have to know who were real Hindu and who were not”, he said and alleged that Modi was fooling the people saying that the nation was changing. (NSS)