CPI extends support to TN farmers, Slams PM for negligence

Communist Party of India general secretary S Sudhakar Reddy and National Council secretary Dr K Narayana today visited the striking farmers of Tamil Nadu at Jantar Mantar and extended party’s support to their agitation. They also expressed their displeasure and dismay at the utter disregard shown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP-led Union government towards the problems of the farmers.


It may be recalled here that Narendra Modi, during his election campaigns, promised to take care of the farmers and solve water disputes once he comes to power. Even three years after his assuming power, Modi has done nothing in this regard, they bemoaned. The Tamill Nadu farmers’ peaceful strike entered 39th day on Friday. In utter distress, the striking farmers are now threatening to drink their own urine and consume their excreta in protest. This is worse than being forced to commit suicide, they observed. The CPI leaders urged the Union government to intervene immediately and extend all possible relief work to the striking farmers. (NSS)