Modi Govt. spreads hatred in the name of Hindu, Hindi and Hindutva – Sudhakar Reddy

Hyderabad: National Secretary of CPI, Mr. S. Sudhakar Reddy told that Modi Govt. is spreading hatred in the name of Hindu, Hindi and Hindutva and resorting to violence. Minorities and depressed classes are its targets whom BJP wants to make second-grade citizens. This effort of Modi Govt. is a severe danger for the democratic setup of India.


He was addressing the media persons yesterday at Press Club, Somajiguda. He further said that during the past three years, Modi Govt. did not perform any good deeds. It assumed power using religion as its springboard. It failed to implement the promises made before the General Elections. It is getting ready to fight General Elections of 2019 on the issues like Kashmir and Ram Temple. The Govt. which came to power by making promises is being run by RSS to spread hatred among the countrymen.


Ram Janam Bhomi issue should be resolved by mutual consent. This is the view of Supreme Court but RSS wants the court to decide on the basis of Astha which is not possible in secular and democratic India.


RSS and its saffron outfits do not seem to be ready to accept Supreme Court judgment which is a clear indication that RSS refuses to honour Constitution.


On the question about the slaughter of animals, he said that it is a blow to the democratic rights of the citizens. About Kashmir policy, he said that Central Govt. has the double standard. It refuses to negotiate till peace is restored whereas it has failed to maintain law and order in this region. On presidential candidates, he said that CPI wants to follow the policy of Mr. Vajpayee who had taken opposition into confidence.


Alleging Modi, he said that he is only negotiating with BJP leaders and raids are being conducted to threaten opposition leaders. Modi had promised that he would get black money back from foreign countries and would deposit Rs. 15 lakh in the accounts of every citizen. These promises have not been fulfilled. After assuming power in UP, its influence is being seen is other States also.


He suggested that in the present circumstances, there is a need to unite democratic and secular forces to defeat fascist elements.



–Siasat News