Dy. Mayor visits Home Guard’s house for Iftar – Donates one month’s salary

Hyderabad: Dy. Mayor of GHMC, Mr. Baba Fasihuddin went to the house of a Home Guard, Mr. Javeed Khan for Iftar. He spent some time in the family and consoled them. He told that Govt. will provide financial assistance to his children for education. He donated one month’s salary to Javeed Khan’s family.

Home guard, Javeed Khan runs auto rickshaw after his duty hours to fulfill family obligations. The video of Javeed Khan’s struggle was telecast on media channels including national channels but not a single person reached visited his house so far. Baba Fasihuddin is the first leader who went to his house. He told that Mr. KTR is serious about the education of children. When he went to Javeed Khan’s house, he mingled with his family members. Javeed Khan got surprised that a leader from Eragadda came to Old City and donated his one month’s salary. When he informed Mr. KTR that Javeed Khan is struggling to meet the educational expenses of his children, he took up the responsibility of bearing these expenses. On KTR’s advice, Baba Fasihuddin visited Javeed Khan’s house along with other TRS leaders.

–Siasat News