MIM indulging in opportunistic politics in Telangana on the lines of Bihar, Muslim issues set aside

Hyderabad: The remarks made by Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, President of MIM on twitter that during the lifetime of KCR, BJP cannot dream of assuming power are being treated on social media in a different way. It is being said that MIM recognized the leadership of TRS and now it is engaged in pleasing the State Govt. This remark is being treated as favouring TRS. Now it is being taken as the compromise which MIM made during the General Elections of 2004 with Dr. YSR. It is understood that MIM will take a stand not to attack TRS in Assembly on Muslim issues.

Authentic sources revealed that despite TRS extending support to NDA candidate in the Presidential election, MIM took a decision to support the opposition candidate. The visit of MIM leader to the foreign country to avoid voting is also associated with this.

People are saying that President of MIM is making an attempt to forge a friendship with KCR. It may be an attempt to formulate a political strategy for the sustenance of MIM seats in the next elections.

MIM has often been alleged that it is responsible for the division of secular votes in Bihar, UP and Maharashtra which resulted in the consolidation of communal votes. However, MIM has been contradicting it. The leader of MIM in Assembly had kept himself away from the decisions for national politics.

It may be noted that MIM leader did not campaign in UP and Bihar. According to the recently held survey which was conducted by CM of Telangana, it is likely that MIM may lose one Assembly seat from among its existing 7 seats. This is the reason that MIM leadership is bent upon pleasing TRS Govt.

Political analysts opined that the situation prevailed during the regime of Dr. YSR might come back. By pleasing the Govt., MIM is making an attempt to maintain its political existence.

In the comments made on social media, people are saying that during Telangana Movement, MIM leadership declared that KCR is a supporter of BJP and also an agent of RSS but now it is saying that during the lifetime of Mr. KCR, BJP will not be able to strengthen its ground in Telangana.

Political experts say that demonetization, medical college case etc., are worrying the politicians in the entire country. They presume that if the cases are filed and scams are exposed, they will have to meet the same fate as Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mr. Nawaz Sharif. They will also be declared ineligible for elections.

–Siasat News