AISF vows to cleanse communal elements from the country – Waliullah’s address in Anantapur during padyatra

Anantapur: Every effort to convert the country into a Hindu State would be foiled. The country of Ambedkar’s dreams will never be allowed to convert into the country of Golwalkar’s India. These thoughts were express by various speakers while addressing the rally of AISF which reached Anantapur.

Students’ organization of Communist Party, AISF has launched a countrywide awareness program through its padyatra. Yesterday was the 14th day of its padyatra which entered Anantapur. In the meeting held at Anantapur, thousands of students attended the program.

President of All India Students’ Federation, Mr. Syed Waliullah Qadri and JNU student leader, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar are attending the padyatra.

Through this padyatra, giving a tough message to Modi Govt., Mr. Qadri told that Hitlerism will not be allowed in India. He lamented that Modi formed the Govt. through EVM and failed at every front. Modi Govt. is adopting the British formula of “Divide and rule”. He gave a message to Modi who has been instrumental in splitting the Mahaghatbandhan of Bihar that now communist led coalition will defeat the communal elements at the national level. This coalition will not fall prey to any conspiracy or policy.

He lamented that Yogi Govt. did not allocate any budget for the development of Taj Mahal. It is trying to change the names of places associated with Muslims. He also said that the ambitions of the communal elements have now increased. They are bent up on transforming the country into a Hindu state but communist forces will not allow them to do so since it the country of Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. This country cannot be given in the hands of the assassins of Gandhi and Bhagat Singh. He demanded that constitution should be amended to bring about reforms in the election process. The party which polls the majority of votes should assume power.

AISF rally will reach Hyderabad on 1st August. A mass meeting of students would be held on the campus of Osmania University on 2nd August.

–Siasat News