Microsoft unveils ‘Simplygon Cloud’ for 3D Mixed Reality

San Francisco: Microsoft has announced a new platform “Simplygon Cloud” that will support all major 3D Mixed Reality (MR) platforms, including Windows Mixed Reality, iOS and Android.

Microsoft acquired Simplygon, a leader in 3D model optimisation based in southern Sweden, earlier this year.

“As we continue our journey to bring the benefits of MR to everyone, Simplygon is an important accelerant that makes it easier, faster, and cheaper to develop in 3D,” said Lorraine Bardeen, General Manager, Windows Mixed Reality Experiences, in a blog post on Friday.

Simplygon reduces complexity in the creation and extensibility of 3D models through optimisation.

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Historically, 3D asset optimisation has taken days or weeks of manual effort and is one of the tasks that artists and developers dislike the most.

“With Simplygon, you can create 3D assets once — at full visual fidelity — and automatically optimise them to render smoothly on any platform — within minutes, saving valuable time and money,” Bardeen added.

“Simplygon Cloud” is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.