People protested, ridiculed BJP workers in Surat bike rally; video goes viral

SURAT: The BJP in Surat faced something like the ruling saffron party didn’t expected. But what to do now, as the saying goes ‘Whatever You Sow So Shall You Reap.’

A video of the BJP workers being ridiculed is going viral on social media platforms.

The incident happened on Thursday afternoon when a bike rally of Kanti Ballar, BJP candidate from Surat (north) assembly constituency passed through Mahidharpura area, which was once considered BJP stronghold.

The video shows the people of Gujarat were so very angry with the saffron party that they flutter the party flags, caps and lotus posters in the air and did not allow BJP workers to canvass.

Mahidharpura area, especially the diamond market has more than 2,000 merchants and manufacturers.

OBC leader Jignesh Mevani tweeted the video saying,- “Guys, watch this video of Gujrat, the public has become so disturbed by the BJP that leave aside for voting the party, the public is pulling out of the BJP workers’ caps and scarves, if the BJP had done development then the party worker would not have received such a welcome. ”