#MeToo: This is what Bipasha Basu said about Sajid Khan

After Saloni Chopra, Rachel White and a journalist have come forward accusing director Sajid Khan of sexual harassment, renowned Actress Bipasha Basu said that though she never had such saddening experiences with Sajid Khan, she did notice his attitude was not respectful towards women.

The attitude towards female cast and crew members on the sets of their film together disturbed her she said, encouraging women to speak up about the harassment they have been through, TOI reports.

“I am glad that women are speaking up about the atrocities of these men with power and clout. But nothing of that sort happened with me. It was just his general attitude towards women that would disturb me on set- he cracked lewd jokes openly and was pretty rude to all girls,” she tweeted.

“I was told by all not to say anything to him and stoop to his level, so I quietly finished my work as a professional and explained my stance to the producers, that I couldn’t associate myself with this film anymore as I could lose my temper any moment,” she posted on Twitter.