Men are opening up to various aspects of grooming: Survey

New Delhi: Groomed bodies to coiffed hair, smooth chests to manicured hands and beards, men are increasingly opening up to the various aspects of grooming from skincare, facial styling and body-grooming, reveals a survey.

According to Philips India’s annual Stylescape Survey, men are getting inquisitive about grooming. This was the fifth annual survey conducted by Philips India to study about male grooming preferences in India. The company interviewed 300 males and 250 females in the age group 20-30 years in key metros, read a statement.

Out of various grooming habits like skincare, facial styling, shaving, hairstyling and body-grooming, the majority of women wanted their significant others to start taking care of their skin.

And 74 percent women take note of the skin quality when they notice men. Skincare is increasingly climbing up the priority list for men as well with 29 percent stating that they consider skincare an important aspect of their grooming routine. What’s more, 79 percent men admitting to being open about trying skincare regimens at home.

Facial styling is the most sought after form of grooming. And when it comes to facial styling, shaving remains the first and foremost form of grooming 62 percent men start with, followed by trimming as a second. When it comes to fairer sex, 83 percent women understand that men’s grooming consists of more than just shaving.

To add to it, 73 percent women mentioned an increase in the number of men they see during their visit to the salon. With 29 percent men considering skincare an important aspect of their grooming routine; 61 percent admitted to visiting the salon monthly.

Men are increasingly spending more on their grooming, with 39 percent visiting the salon more than once a month; 20 percent men spending over than Rs 1,000 on services other than haircuts.

The increasing trend of body-grooming stems from 55 percent men wanting to take care of their bodies and maintain hygiene.

As many as 73 percent women admitted to having an aversion to men’s body hair.

Most women admitted to sharing their grooming products with a male family member or friend. When asked, 41 percent women said they had shared skincare products like facial scrubs, cleanser brushes and 26 percent women shared grooming products like depilation creams.

When it comes to discussing body-grooming with their partners, 69 percent women indulge in such discussion.

While men are taking control of their grooming rituals and choices; 73 percent men admitted that they look at getting inputs and advice from people or turned towards men’s magazines, mobile apps, men’s blogs and brand websites for answers.

Interestingly, the women too are taking charge — while 84 percent women said they would like to talk to their partners about body grooming, 69 percent stated they already do.