Meeting held on ‘Hanging, encounter and harassment of Muslims’

United Muslim Forum held an adhoc meeting under the chairmanship of Mualana Abdur Raheem Quraishi in which Yaqoob Memon’s hanging was discussed in detail. The meeting expressed concern over non-conduct of judicially enquiry or CBI probe into Alair encounter as promised by the chief minister of Telangana.

The meeting held at Jama Masjid Darushifa was attended by Maulana Husamuddin Saani, Jaffer Pasha, Maulana Syed Ahmed Al-Husaini, Sayeed Quadri, Maulana Masood, Mujtahidi, Maulana Syed Fazalullah Quadri, Maulana Taqi Raza Abidi, Mufti Merajuddin Abrar, Akram Pasha Quadri, Syed Mujtaba Husain Baber, Mohammed Ahmed Shafeeq, Syed Zafar Ahmed and Muneeruddin Mukhtar.

The participants expressed concern over sluggishness of SIT, change in syllabus, saffronisation of education and distortion of history by BJP led NDA government. Harassment of Muslims in various states, forcing Muslim students to recite Ashlok and making Yoga compulsory were also condemned. Decision to dismantle Osmania Hospital building was also deplored.

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