Crime In Hyderabad (7.8.2015)

Missing man’s dead body found

(Siasat News): Nacharam police has found the dead body of a man who was mysteriously missing from a pond. It is said that the deceased Vinod Kumar went missing after having a row with his wife.

His wife had left him and started living with her parents. The deceased was the resident of Annapurna colony. He was so dejected that he also went missing.

Police has fished out his dead body from the pond and registered a case. Further investigations are underway.

Man dies in train accident

(Siasat News): a man died in a train accident occurred between Chandanagar and Hafizpet railway stations.

Nampally railway police has identified the man as one Satyanarayana aged about 45 years. The deceased was the resident of Premnagar, New Hafizpet and has been running a laundry.

Yesterday, he was crossing the railway tracks when fatally hit by a speedy train. Railway police Nampally is further investigating.

New bride ends life

(Siasat News): A new bride who was constantly harassed for more dowry, committed suicide. This incident occurred in Malakpet police limits where Poonamma, 22, took the extreme step.

She was the wife of one Venkat of Moosram Bagh. The duo got married in May, 2015 and in July; she had consumed sleeping pills as she was fed up of her life.

At the time of marriage, her father had given everything as per his social an d financial status including gold ornaments and other house hold items.

Then too, she was harassed by her husband and in-laws for more dowry. Police is further investigating.

Cellphone talk proved fatal

(Siasat News): It is always said that cellphone conversation should be undertaken with acute care. In a case occurred in Kesra police limits, a man fell down from the height when he was talking on his cellphone.

The deceased is identified as one Bikram. The deceased was a private employee and hailed from Chhattisgarh. He has been residing at Kesra for quite some time.

Yesterday, he was busy on his cellphone without realizing that it might prove dangerous for his life.

He fell down on the ground and had sustained severe injuries that proved fatal for him. Kesra police is further investigating.