Many ways of cheating: Beware of fraudsters

Hyderabad: Beware of mobile messages seeking friendship !! Some unscrupulous elements are out to cheat the gullible people in the name of making friendship. They are sending messages on the mobile in various types, some even giving an impression that the service providers like BSNL are sending the same. This is one way of making people believe that the message is not fake but real.

One message says: It’s always good to be expressive to Youer Dear Ones by sharing Sweet, Special and Romantic Greetings. Send SMS to SUB MIssUs to 53030. Another message in Telugu says: “Udayam, Saayantram, Reyi, Pagalu – Meereppudaina Maatladavacchu- Call 556786634”. Another says: “Meetho Cahaala Kaburlu Cheppalani Undi. Call me 55678559”. Yet another says; Dear BSNL user: Today Special offer for You. Win Recharged Rs.100 . Dial just 563000. Another message says: “Nenu Ee Ratri Challa Vontarigaa Unnanu. Meeru Naatho atladandi. Pl call 556785517’.

It may be mentioned that newspaper reports are indicating how gullible people are cheated in the name of friendship by unsocial elements. In spite of repeated warnings from the police and other authorites, it is a pity that people are falling into the trap of fraudsters who are operating in several ways. Beware of cheats in the name of securing jobs, getting loans, offering very high interest rates, friendship, etc. (NSS)