After TRAI Chief shares Aadhaar number, daughter receives threat

New Delhi: TRAI Chief, Mr. RS Sharma on Saturday shared his 12-digit Aadhaar number on Twitter and issued a challenge to show that how mere knowledge of the number could be misused.
Sharma had tweeted: “Now I give this challenge to you: Show me one concrete example where you can do any harm to me!”. The challenge by Sharma had got 577 retweets, and 745 likes by late evening.

Hours later, to his surprise, his personal details like PAN number and alternative phone number were put out on public domain by hackers.

According to the report published in The Wire, on July 30, Kavita Sharma, daughter of RS Sharma also received a threat through email. The sender claimed that Mr. RS Sharma’s bank account “is under imminent threat of being hacked”.

In the email, the sender wrote, “By posting a challenge on social media, R.S. Sharma has turned out to be an embarrassment to the nation and put a bounty on his accounts for hackers”. The sender also wrote, “sensitive files would be released if he does not delete his accounts immediately”.

Giving warning to Kavitha Sharma, the sender further wrote, “If he does not comply, a remote malware would be installed in his private cellphone and all his communications would be intercepted and archived. His emails would be encrypted and unless a ransom is paid, it would remain out of reach and released to the media”.

At the end of the email, it was written, “Kavita: If you do not respond to this email in the next 24 hrs. The consequences would be regretful. Any tip off to law enforcement agencies, would be detrimental. You are advised to act wisely”.