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Manikonda Waqf land case: SC hearing on July 15

Manikonda Waqf land case: SC hearing on July 15

Supreme Court hearing on Waqf land of Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Vali located at Manikonda is scheduled on July 15. The Ownership dispute of the land has been in Supreme Court. Telangana Waqf Board says the property belonged to the board, while the Lanco Promoters claim they had purchased the land in open auction, conducted by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Waqf Board has hired the services of Supreme Court lawyer Aijaz Maqbool to pursue the case.

Interestingly Telangana government had announced to return all the undistributed Waqf land including Manikonda land to the Waqf Board. Chief Minister had also given assurance in the assembly in this regard but Secretary Revenue Department and Industrial Infrastructure Corporation are also party against Waqf Board in the case.

It must be noted that the land attached to Dargah Hazrat Husain Shah Vali was allotted to various multi national IT companies by the government and Industrial Infrastructure Corporation and no construction has been done on 800 acre land. Chief Minister had assured to return the open land to Waqf Board but it has not been implemented so far. Waqf Board besides its claim of ownership on total wakf or endowed land parcel of 1,654 acres and 32 guntas also challenged the Lanco Hills Technology Park Pvt. Ltd.’s advertisement to sell the flats to public which is the violation of interim court orders by Supreme Court, which on July 26 2013 had given the ruling that any registration of the disputed property will be subjected to final verdict of the court, the company did not mention it in its advertisements.

According to the Waqf Board the Manikonda Jagir comprising a total of 1,654 .32 guntas was given to the Dargah by the 7th Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, through a ‘farmaan’ in 1920s as service Inaam. Over the years a number of judgments have been delivered confirming it as Waqf land.

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