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12% reservation for Muslims: Question mark on the seriousness of TRS

12% reservation for Muslims: Question mark on the seriousness of TRS

Hyderabad: Every Govt. has been making various claims to eradicate educational and economic backwardness of the Muslims right from the independence of India, political parties have shed crocodile tears on the backwardness of the Muslims. Now that awareness is being created among the Muslims to get their rights, various political parties are busy in pleasing the Muslims through new promises so that they could get their objectives fulfilled.

In order to eradicate the backwardness of the Muslims, budget allocated by the Govt. and various welfare schemes are not sufficient. Muslims have therefore started campaign for getting 12% reservation but it was exploited by the political parties. On the basis of recommendations made by Justice Rajinder Sachar Committee, reservations were demanded but it did not materialize.

After Dr. YSR provided 4% reservations to Muslims, other states also started demanding reservations for Muslims. Although, the issue of 4% reservations for Muslims is pending with the Supreme Court, permission has been given for its implementation till final judgment is pronounced.

Realizing the unconditional support of the Muslims to TRS during General Elections of 2014, Mr. KCR promised to give 12% reservations for Muslims within four months of TRS assuming charge but even after the lapse of two years, nothing has moved forward.

Despite knowing the fact that court had set aside the issue of reservations for Muslims which was given without the recommendations of the BCs Commission, TRS Govt. constituted Sudheer Commission and extension was given to it twice. It raises questions about the seriousness of TRS Govt. Mr. KCR had announced that Sudheer Commission would submit its report within a few days but the facts are quite contrary to it. Commission does not have enough evidence to submit its report. Most of the Govt. Departments have not finished the required particulars. In such a situation, it is not possible for the commission to submit its report before September end.

It may be mentioned that Sudheer Commission of Enquiry was constituted on 3rd March 2015. At that time in addition to the Chairman, only one member was included. Two more members were included on 30th July 2015. The commission started functioning in August 2015. Its tenure of office was extended twice after 28th March 2016.

The statistics received by the commission depicts that the eradication of educational and economic backwardness of the Muslims is possible only through reservations. The percentage of the Muslim officers in Gazette cadre has been reduced. There is no Addl. Secretary and Joint Secretary from among the Muslims. There are only a few officers of the cadre of Dy. Secretary and Asst. Secretary who would retire in a span of two years.

Among the teachers, police personnel and in RTC, there are hardly any Muslim officers. The strength of Muslim students up to SSC level is encouraging but in post matric studies, minorities are not taking interest due to financial difficulties. Heavy fees of private institutions have practically deprived the Muslims for getting higher education.

A very responsible persons from education sector told that the only solution to eradicate educational and economic backwardness of the Muslims is to provide 12% reservations. He also said that Anti-Muslim bureaucracy is responsible for not taking decisions in favour of Muslims.

There is a need for the Muslim community to be united and exert pressure on the Govt. compelling it to take decisions for providing 12% reservations to Muslims as per the constitution and the law of the country. So long as the Muslims do not link their votes to their rights, their backwardness would not be eradicated.

–Siasat News