Manav Vigg all set to sort out confusion with ‘Confused Bastards’

New Delhi: Confusions and Influences make one follow the paths that are not meant for them.

Manav Vigg explored becoming a Doctor for his parents’ sake, a CA for money’s sake, a corporate robot for the swanky office’s sake, but they all ended up becoming a long dissatisfied journey dwelled in confusion.

Talking to people and realising that they are going through the same confusion, Manav decided to pen his first story that went along with the title ‘Confused Bastards’ in 2010.

Explaining that he kept exploring different stories and plots, but it didn’t work for him until 2013 when he got the idea, which would form this novel, Manav said, “Confused Bastards is a new generation story of three friends who get swept away by the current Indian entrepreneurial wave and run an online start up where people can upload unabashed, unapologetic videos of venting out.”

“CB is a story of three friends Aakash, Jai and Vivek. Aakash is bold and flirtatious, Jai is introverted and emotional and Vivek is logical and sensible. Their diverse personalities add synergy to their outlandish but genius website that takes us into the world of internet mania,” he added.

Further, when asked why he thinks his story will sell, Manav said that the USP of his story is that it’s a witty, gritty, fast paced bromance novel.

He said, “It’s youth centric and the language is colourful as well as easy to read. It touches on the career confusions of today’s youth in a globalised India, specially the current wave of entrepreneurship. I believe in Charlie Chaplin’s phrase that “Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot.”

This story has its elements of comedy and tragedy in this journey of three friends. You can expect to be both entertained and intrigued while reading this book.”

When asked if he wishes to see his story being portrayed on the big screen, the writer said that as a novelist and screenwriter, he would always like to see his stories being told through both the mediums.

He also revealed that currently, he is in touch with several studios/producers for a film adaptation of ‘ Confused Bastards’ and if all goes well, one might be able to see it on the big screen as well.

Manav is looking for crowd funding at . (ANI)