Man faces charges for sexually assaulting 36 girls in Finland

Helsinki: A Finnish man, who has been accused by police of sexually assaulting a total of 36 underage girls, faces criminal charges, a media report said on Monday.

According to the preliminary investigation, the 31-year-old man has been alleged of a number of sexual offences. The suspected crimes were made during the period from 2007 to 2014. The victims were minor girls aged from 6-17, Xinhua reported citing Finnish New Agency STT.

The suspect was arrested in April 2015, and has been detained ever since.

Police said the man was suspected of contacting minor girls in a number of different websites some of which target children.

Teija Koskenmaki-Karaharju, detective chief inspector of Helsinki police, told STT that such cases are growing all the time and victims are getting younger.

Not only girls but also boys suffer from online sexual abuses, added Koskenmaki-Karaharju. She emphasised the parental responsibility for the use of internet by the children.