Muslims barred from attending Garba in Godhra; Godhra City is full of banners “My daughter before my eyes”

Vadodara: In order to keep young woman and girls from Muslim youths and Love Jihad during the Navratri festival, the activists of RSS and BJP are organizing Sheri Garba programs at 39 places as against one commercial Garba event.

Ashish Bhatt, former member of VHP told that last year an attempt was made to keep Muslims out of these festivities to prevent Love Jihad but they had little control over the participants since anybody can enter after getting a ticket.

This year these programs are arranged at various places to ensure safety of mother, sisters and daughters. It is worth noting that 40% of the population of Godhra consists of Muslims.

Sheri Garba is the traditional way of dancing in a small circle, generally on the streets and lanes of a residential colony where most participants are known to each other. Garba is a form of idol worship which Muslims do not do, their visit to Garba event adversely affects their own religion. The idea of keeping the Muslims away is to prevent visitors from other religion.

Navratri is not a fashion parade but it is the worship of Durga, said Ashish Bhatt.