Malreddy seeks SIT inquiry into Manchireddy’s links with slain gangster Nayeem

Hyderabad: Congress party leader Malreddy Ranga Reddy appealed to the DGP Anurag Sharma, Intelligence Wing Chief Navin Chand and LokAyuktha Justice Subhashan Reddy to direct the SIT to inquire into the links between Ibrahimpatnam MLA Manchireddy Kishan Reddy and slain gangster Nayeem.
Speaking on this occasion, Ranga Reddy alleged that Kishan Reddy indulged in land grabbing at Adhibhatla along with Nayeem associate Srihari. In his complaint, Ranga Reddy alleged that Manchireddy earned huge amounts of assets at Hyderabad outskirts by maintaining relations with gangster Nayeem.
Praising the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for killing Nayeemuddin in an encounter recently, Ranga Reddy urged the Chief Minister to clear the roots of Nayeemuddin. “Cutting tree (Nayeem) is not enough. The government has to clear the roots (the persons who have links with Nayeem) immediately. Otherwise, the people would face same problems in future too”, he said. Finding fault with the Manchireddy Kishan Reddy challenge to come for a open debate on Nayeem issue, Ranga Reddy said that he has all documents that they will prove that Manchireddy had links with gangster Nayeemuddin.
Refuting the challenge that thrown by the Kishan Reddy, Ranga Reddy said that he will not want others money. He said that he was happy with the money was given by his parents.
It may be recalled that responding on the allegations made by Malreddy Ranga Reddy against him, Manchireddy Kishan Reddy staged a dharna at Ibrahimpatnam Chowrastha challenging Ranga Reddy to come for an open debate on Nayeem issue on September 6. (NSS)