Eid Al Adha goes hi-tech: Now order livestock online in Dubai!

Dubai: Eid Al Adha has gone digital in the Uae with the Dubai Municipality launching an app that will allow users to order small livestock online for making a sacrifice which is the festival’s key ritual.

Muslims across the globe will celebrate Eid al-Adha next week by sacrificing animals. Through Al Mawashi App (livestock in Arabic), residents can now order small sacrifices online and pick it up at specific delivery points.

Residents can place an order for small sacrifices online — Australian livestock — from Emirates Livestock and Meat Trading Company (ELMCO) in Jebel Ali.

“It is summer season and there is a rush on cattle markets during Eid. The app is meant to save time and efforts for residents, especially during the season’s hot climate,” Ali Tahir Al Hammadi, head of the Abattoirs Section at the DubaiMunicipality, told the Khaleej Times.

“We also want to reduce the queues at DubaiAbattoir during Eid where majority of the residents get their animals slaughtered,” he said.

The app will allow residents from across the Uaeto order small sacrifices, but the delivery points will be in Dubaiat the abattoir in Jebel Ali, where DubaiMunicipality has established an abattoir under ELMCO, or from the temporary abattoirs in Al Khawaneej or Al Quoz.

“We will have tents at the abattoirs as a waiting point for customers who are coming to pick up their sacrifices,” Al Hammadi was quoted as saying.

Last year, DubaiAbattoir in Al Qusais saw the slaughtering of around 7,000 animals for residents and 7,000 for charities.

Al Hammadi noted that the smart app will help residents get the sacrifices at a special rate ranging from Dirham 550 to 700, excluding delivery charges and Dirham 15 of slaughtering service.

“We expect to start with around 300 purchases on the first day of Eid through the app, reaching up to 1,000 on the fourth day,” said Al Hammadi.

Residents can make purchases with their credit cards on the app, which displays pictures and price of livestock for selection.