Libyan authorities rescue 117 immigrants off its western coast

Tripoli: Libyan authorities rescued 117 immigrants, including children, off the coast of Al-Khoms on Friday.

“Coast guards patrol rescued 117 immigrants of different African nationalities on a rubber boat,” Xinhua quoted the Libyan authorities as saying.

The rescued people include 84 men, 15 women, and 18 children, according to the authorities. They were provided with medical and humanitarian assistance upon rescue.

The internal strife in Libya has led to scores of people leaving the region to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe.

Until now, thousands of immigrants have lost their lives after undertaking dangerous sea travel on overcrowded rubber boats in a bid to escape turmoil in their own countries.

The death of a three-year-old Syrian boy, Alan Kurdi – whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey – brought the plight of the refugees to the forefront, leading to an international outcry.

The UN Human Rights Council launched a social media campaign ‘#WithRefugees’ after the little boy’s picture shocked the world.