‘Legal Metrology Dept to adopt latest technology’

The Legal Metrology Department of Telanagana State is going to adopt latest available technology to make it more dynamic and fruitful. ‘The efforts are on in this direction and to start with we are equipping 45 employees with laptops in the first phase’, declared  C.V. Anand, Commissioner, Civil Supplies Corporation and Legal Metrology Department while reviewing the performance of the Metrology Department in Civil Supplies Bhavan on Saturday. DLMOs (District legal Metrology Officers) participated from all the 31 districts.


The meeting discussed about the jurisdiction of officers and their duties. The Commissioner clarified that the officers can respond on 43 trading issues while emphasizing their focus on frauds in weights and measures, selling more than MRP, irregularities in petrol pumps, Gold jewellery shops, paddy purchase centres etc. He had also indicated to earn almost two times more revenue if the stamp fee is raised.


While providing a direction to the department, he said “ Now all 31 districts are having a DLMO each and as such the jurisdiction of DLMO is amply reduced as districts are now smaller comparatively. This should reflect more here after on the efficiency of DLMO. All the field officers henceforth should be pro active in the discharge of their duties. From now on targets would be fixed to each District Officer, which helps in the increase of revenue. Every day a report should reach the HQ on the performance of each unit. “Here after, all the cases registered by DLMOs and other important information would be put online, said the Commissioner. He also informed the meeting that a separate manual would be put in place shortly for the department.


While taking a serious note of the disputes between the employees and lack of coordination among them, he expressed his dissatisfaction on the performance the department as a whole. It is highly deplorable to approach courts for promotions while fighting each other, he said. The Commissioner warned them that it would have a worst effect on the day to day management and ultimately it would harm the veru people who had engaged in infighting. He felt sorry for the state of affairs going on in the department and said a stage has come whereby people have forgotten that such and such a department exists at all in the Government. He also advised the employees not to intentionally put a spoke in the promotional process of their colleagues. He assured them that promotions would be taken up with due justice to all and he sought their cooperation to the maximum possible extent including immediate withdrawal of cases from the Courts.

 He requested them to work with will and efficiency and to strive to improve the image the department, thereby of the Government. The Commissioner has appointed a committee with the joint Commissioner of Civil Supplies as convenor and 9 other officers as members to look into the promotions issue. (NSS)