Kodandaram Demands Making Public Names in Nayeem’s Diary

Telangana Political JAC Chairman Prof. Kodandaram has demanded the state government to make public  the names mentioned in the slain gangster Nayeem’s diary.

Speaking to the media here on Tuesday, Kodandaram said that the agreement with Maharshtra government was good one,  but the government has to make the agreement details public. Opining that continuing water wars were not good, Kodandaram suggested the state government to take the public opinion into consideration in regard to creation of Gadwal and Janagama districts. The government has to take final decision following the public opinion. There should be a rational discussion on creation of new district, he wished. He appealed to the government to strengthen the panchayats and protect the integrity of the Adivasis. He urged the Chief Minister to rethink on dividing the Warangal city as two districts.

Demanding the government to explain to  the people as on what basis the government was creating new districts, Kodandaram warned the government that the differences will increase in between the regions. He asked the government to keep the Agency areas  in one district as per Fifth Schedule. (NSS)