Kerala ‘Love Jihad’ case: ‘Happy to be finally free now’, says Hadiya

Kerala: Hadiya and her husband Sheffin Jahan have finally come together as one after the Apex Court had set aside Kerala High Court’s order annulling their marriage on Thursday.

The Couple paid a visit to Popular Front of India Chairman E. Aboobacker on Saturday to thank the organization “for standing with them in fighting their case”.

After being trapped in controversy for so long for converting to Islam and marrying Sheffin Jahan, elated Hadiya told the media she is happy to be finally free now.

Speaking to the media, Ms. Hadiya asks what is wrong in converting to another religion by free will and that her marriage was dragged into controversy only because it accompanied conversion to Islam.

While Mr. Sheffin Jahan said they will soon hold another press meet before Hadiya returns to Coimbatore, he also said the couple will soon pay a visit to his relatives as well, Hindu reported.

Ms. Hadiya is now continuing to study to qualify as a Bachelor in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) course from Sivaraj Institute