How to keep your child warm yet stylish this winter

New Delhi: Time has come to say good-bye to ice creams and hi to hot milk.

The temperature is going down and days are becoming shorter, that means winters are here. But the circle of fashion never stops; be it for grown-ups or kids.

Parents, who aim to keep their little ones warm yet stylish, here are a few tips given by Karan Jain and Archana Jain owners of Cranberry Club.

Leather Jackets: Leather jackets are not limited to adults only, even children can wear them. Teaming them with denims would not only save the child from the chilling weather outside but also him/her give a stylish look.

Caps: Today, we have dozens of caps available in various cute designs; from a panda cap to a cap with ears or with tassels which look adorable on kids.

Warm Toes: Keeping your family’s feet toasty warm is a must for getting the most out of winter days. To achieve that wonderfully contradictory combination of warm feet and cold cheeks, look for shoes that are insulated and waterproof (or at the very least water-resistant). For babies, you can’t beat the eskimo style boots and suede baby booties.

Mittens: These should have thumbs, so kids can play actively outdoors. For cool weather, children can wear lighter mittens, fleece or wool, with Velcro fastenings or elastic cuffs. Velcro fastenings that allow an adult to put the child’s hands in them first before fastening the Velcro; these also tend to stay on better.

Blazers: Colorful casual blazers are a good pick for winters. Kids look cute in colourful outfits. There are different material and fabric options for blazers. It’s best to stick with blazers as they are very comfortable. (ANI)