VOGO launches one way travel in Bengaluru

New Delhi:Vogo Automotive Pvt Ltd. which operates a tech-enabled scooter sharing platform, VOGO has launched one-way travel in selected locations in Bengaluru.

VOGO enables urban commuters rent scooters for short-haul and offer a quicker and cost-effective alternative to cabs and autos.

Customers can now pick up a VOGO scooter at one point in the network and drop it off at a different point.

“Once the customer books through Android App, he uses an OTP to get the key from our keybox and start the scooter. Once his ride is complete, he drops it off at destination and plugs the key back in to end the ride,” Vogo said in an official statement.

The company has seen a rapid growth since the launch of the one-way service. One-way orders now constitute a large percentage of rides and the data clearly indicate that customers are using it for daily commute.

“We have built a localized solution for India with scooter sharing as product, since more people are comfortable riding scooters vs rented cycles or rented cars.

Driving two to ten km anywhere during peak hours with VOGO is much faster and cheaper than autos or taxis. Our customers are proving this by using this new form of commute and substituting autos and taxis,” Anand Ayyadurai, CEO, VOGO said.

VOGO plans to scale this automated system across all important locations such as residential areas, offices, tech parks, recreational centres, and metro stations.(ANI)