Do you keep cellphone at these places? If so you are at a risk of cancer, other health hazards

New Delhi: Do you keep cellphone near your head while sleeping? If so, you are at a risk of getting a brain tumour. The radiation from a cellphone can lead to other health complications. Although cellphone has become an important part of life, its over usage can lead to severe health hazards.

According to the report published in NDTV, below are the worst places to keep cellphone.

  1. Over the charger while charging
    It is a common practice to keep cellphone on the charger while charging. It is a very unsafe practice. Apart from this, keeping the phone on charge overnight is dangerous. Besides safety concerns, it may reduce battery life.
  2. Under the pillow
    When you keep cellphone under the pillow, it may affect Melatonin production which regulates sleep and wakefulness. Melatonin production is disturbed when screen light of the phone turns on.
  3. Cellphone in back pocket
    When you keep cellphone in the back pocket, its radiation may cause stomach and leg pain. Apart from this, it may damage cellphone.
  4. Cellphone in front pocket
    Usually, men prefer to keep cellphone in the front pocket. However, such practice may harm fertility. Keeping cellphone for a long duration in the front pocket may also lead to other health complications.
  5. Near head during sleep
    It is a common practice especially by youngsters to keep cellphone near head while sleeping. However, such habit may increase the risk of getting brain tumour due to harmful cellphone radiation.

Although, there are many studies are going on to analyze the impact of cellphone radiation there is no convincing evidence which can support or reject the claim. In such a situation, being safe is better.