Karwan-e-Mohabbat team visits Assam: Ram Punyani, Harsh Mander and others address meeting

Guwahati: Country is facing the danger of communal and hatred feelings. An impression is being created in India if a certain specific section of society is targeted, no action would be taken against anyone. India has to be converted into a Hindu State and its Constitution changed according to Hindu religious books.

In order to console, the victims of Gau Rakshaks, “Karwan-e-Mohabbat” was started from a village in Assam where Riyaz and Ali were killed. Noted social activists, Mr. Ram Puniyani, Mr. Harsh Mander, Mr. John Dayal and others advised the victims to struggle to make the situation better. They told that 80% of the people are with them.

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In Naye Gaon of Assam, Riyaz and Ali were alleged to have killed a cow. They were tortured to such an extent that their ears and eyes were detached.

The delegation met the family of the victims and proceeded to State capital, Guwahati where the public meeting was held. This meeting was addressed by JNU student leaders, Mr. Omer Khalid, Ms. Shehla Rashid and HCU students, Mr. Prashant and others.

Mr. Ram Puniyani told that the way in which the Muslims and Dalits are being killed has no parallel in the history of India. This could endanger the democratic fabric of the country. The purpose of “Karwan-e-Mohabbat” is to eradicate disappointment from the victims and to respond to the forces which are making an attempt to harass the Muslims.

Mr. Harsh Mander told that the delegation would visit Jharkhand, Delhi, Karnataka, Gujarat, UP and MP.

Mr. Omer Khalid told that India is in the hands of very dangerous persons. It is the responsibility of the youths to save the country from them. The students should come forward to do this job. The Govt. which is making an attempt to promote hatred had no affection for the country. They are now teaching the lesson of patriotism. It should be our motto to make the ideology of B R Ambedkar a success and to defeat the thoughts of Golwalkar.

Ms. Shehla Rashid told that by killing the Muslims and Dalits, certain forces are trying to create an impression that it is a common thing. She further told that due to non-existent of a key role of the opposition, Dalits and Muslims are facing disappointment. She called that the ongoing communalism is an organized conspiracy of the upper castes for the past 70 years to convert India into a Hindu State. These conspiracies could only be foiled by courage and will of the people.

Noted journalist, Mr. John Dayal told that if the people of India keep quiet on the assassination of Junaid, Akhlaq, Pehlu Khan, Ali or Riyaz, this fire could reach their houses also. The objective of igniting this fire is to promote communal tension and to encourage caste feelings to maintain their rule.

–Siasat News