Kanye West apologises for `annoying` designers at NYFW

Melbourne, Sept. 25 : Kanye West has apologised for annoying some of the designers for the timing of his Yeezy Season 2 runway show at the New York Fashion Week.

In an interview with a magazine, the 38-year-old rapper said that he apologises to any of those designers and anyone who wanted that slot, adding that he would love to send them some flowers or maybe wear a sweatshirt if that could help to make up for it, News.com.au reports.

The `Four Five Seconds` hit-maker also said that there was nothing that he would ever want to do or say that would take away from any designer, that would take away from anyone’s work or what they were working so hard on.

The rapper has been trying hard to get into the fashion world for a while now. However, his passion has annoyed some designers. (ANI)