How Kangana went from being a slob to promoting cleanliness

Mumbai: Actress Kangana Ranaut says that growing up she was a slob who hated taking a shower, but reading up about energies changed her lifestyle, which can be seen with her promoting cleanliness by playing Goddess Laxmi in a cleanliness campaign.

“Growing up I was a slob, very lazy and I hated having shower. I was a really dirty person. My parents were fed up, nothing good ever happened. I never made friends, no opportunities came my way. Then I read a lot about elements, compositions and energies and I learnt energies are of three types, Sattva, Tamas and Rajas.

The most superior type is Sattva and that is all about cleanliness, truth and anything beautiful, artistic, so it starts with a beautiful environment. And that is what Laxmi is about. Laxmi is an energy which you can attract only if you have Sattvik energy. And ever since I used these things in my life my life changed. So now I love to have shower, love to keep my environment clean and I make sure I never litter,” Kangana said.

She was present at the unveiling of a campaign for Swachh Bharat initiative titled “Don’t Let Her Go” at Welingkar Institute here. The campaign features an ad directed by Pradeep Sarkar which sees actors Omkar Kapoor, Ravi Kishan, Isha Koppikar littering and then seeing the picture of Goddess Laxmi near them disappearing.

Then Goddess Laxmi, played by Kangana, is also seen going away and Amitabh Bachchan’s voiceover warns of Laxmi disappearing in real life if people litter.

Kangana said that Sarkar had asked her if she knew to ride a bike and when she said no, he told her that they would make her sit behind the rider. But Kangana then asked why a bike and not a Ferrari, he said that she was supposed to see where all garbage was littered by people.
About the concept Kangana said, “Initially I thought it was a different thought. The environment in which I have grown up, be it Goddess Laxmi or Goddess Durga, we have always worshiped it a lot. So taking up her role was a different and uncomfortable kind of concept. But being an artist, it is the costume of a character on which we all have worked hard on.”

Kangana will next be seen in the film “Rangoon”.