Charminar is waiting for KCR: Leaders disappeared, roads damaged, no one to take care

Hyderabad: CM of Telangana State has got the road leading to Golconda repaired. He should cast a glance at Charminar and other areas of Old City so that those areas could also be developed. Last week, the announcement of CM’s sudden visit has generated ray of hope among the people of old city. They are hopeful that the dynamic CM of Telangana State will pay attention to the constantly neglected areas of Hyderabad. The residents of old city hardly get any opportunity to communicate their problems directly to CM. Many Chief Ministers made announcements of developmental plans worth crores of rupees and some of them also laid the foundations of these projects but despite the passage of several years, these projects could not be completed.

With the announcements of the CMs, it seems that they are anxious to develop the old city but when a review is made about the steps taken, it comes to be known that the elected representatives of these areas are not serious about development.

The then CM of A.P. Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu during his visit to refugees’ camp behind Makkah Masjid had announced a plan to construct multi storied buildings but this plan was not implemented yet. Another CM of A.P. Dr. Y.S.R. during his visit to old city made an announcement of a special package of Rs. 2000 crore under JNNURM but no one makes an enquiry about this project. After Dr. YSR, Dr. K. Roshiya became the CM for a short period but he did not get time to visit the old city.

When Kiran Kumar Reddy became the CM of A.P. he laid foundations for various developmental projects in Old City. He also received many representations directly from the people but nothing has happened so far.

Few months after taking charge as the first CM of newly formed Telangana State, Mr. KCR visited the old city and made an announcement that an overhead water tank would be constructed in Darulshifa area. The people of Hyderabad thought that the Urdu knowing CM would continue to visit the old city of Hyderabad and with his visits, this area would be developed. The people of Old City of Hyderabad are still waiting CM’s visit. Recently, When CM made an announcement that he would visit the old city suddenly, the hopes of the people of this area have increased and they expect the CM to listen to their problems directly and also to take personal interest to resolve them.

There are many issues in old city but the most important ones are the issue relating to Govt. hospitals and Govt. schools. Besides civic problems, there are issues relating to power supply, water and sewerage. If CM talks to the people of old city, he would realize that what kind of difficulties the people of this area are facing. He would also realize that the people who are creating hurdle for the peoples to vent their grievances to the authorities. Mr. KCR’s knowledge of Urdu will be helpful in communicating his ideas to the people of Hyderabad. It may be noticed that there are elements who are making an effort to keep the CM and other ministers away from the people of old city which is directly causing harm to the people.

–Siasat News