A K Khan commends Siasat’s support for Govt. schemes

No one can deny Siasat’s association with educational movement and its role in the success of movement. Siasat has not only played key role in education but also in socio-economic development of Muslims. Siasat has also offered its services in connection with 71 Residential Schools to start from June for minority students.

Director General Anti Corruption Bureau Abdul Khayyum Khan lauded the support of Siasat Daily and declared, the decision to launch publicity campaign taken in the meeting held with the officers, as commendable. A K Khan in the presence of officers belonging to the state said although some NGOs are also participating in the scheme but the way in which Siasat Daily is offering its support is commendable. He particularly mentioned the awareness campaign launched and Helpline Centre set up by Siasat Daily. Siasat Helpline Centre provides facility of online submission of forms.

A K Khan advised the officers to be in touch with Siasat Correspondents in the districts and run campaign for residential schools. He further said that Siasat has extended remarkable support since the beginning of this scheme. Representatives of Jamaat-e-Islami and other NGOs were also present in the meeting.

It must be noted that Siasat has setup Helpline centre for all major schemes of the government through which thousands of people are getting benefited. Siasat has played a very important role in success of several government schemes.

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