Deeniyat education on school level stressed

Children should be compulsorily taught Deeniyat on school level. During Nizam’s rule Muslim students were taught Deeniyat while non-Muslim students were taught moral education. These two subjects were part of the syllabus. Today also there is a need to impart Deeniyat and moral education compulsorily to the students. These views were expressed by Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan following the release of book ‘Seeratul Musannifeen’ published to mark the foundation celebration of Jamiatul Mominaat here at Siasat Golden Jubilee Hall, Abids. Speaking further Mr. Khan said these days many social evils like usury, boozing, extravagance are common among Muslims. If Muslims follow Seerah of Prophet (peace be upon him), he will be successful in this world and in the Hereafter as well.

Mr. Zahed Ali Khan lamented that the major problem the society is facing today is dowry. Similarly sumptuous dinner during marriage ceremonies has also become a cause of concern. He congratulated Muftia Syeda Ghousia Mominaati, on the publication of the book.

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